“When angry, count to ten before you speak.”

... If it didn't work, reserve

Wreck it What?

In search of a new alternative to relieve stress, Rage Room Wreck it was born. But what the wreck is a rage room? It's a room where you can destroy all the objects you see, pure and simple. It allows you to go crazy in a fun and safe environment. Go crazy on your favorite music. Surprise your date with one of our packages or strengthen the bond with your colleagues. The only limit is your imagination.

Man kicking computer

3 steps to wreck


Gear up

Protect yourself against your own rage.

man destroying a box with a hammer

Wreck it

Annihilate everything you see. Let the beast loose.

man in hangmat


Enjoy the therapeutic effects of your session. Cheaper than a psychologist!

Our wreckutation

logo of de standaard

De Standaard

“Destress in the rage room.”

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Het Nieuwsblad

“Stress? Bring a visit to the room where you can break everything without feeling guilty!”

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Het Laatste Nieuws

“Itching fists? Book a visit to the first Rage Room of the country and wreck the place!”

Video Wreckording

Not convinced? Watch this video!